Welcome in MEDIOBANCA.
We are a business built on people. Since our foundation, we have maintained a client-centric approach, meeting our clients’ needs and building trust through everything we do.

Mediobanca is the leading investment bank in Italy.
For over 60 years we have helped our clients grow, offering high-quality advisory services and providing finance in all its various forms, from more traditional bank credit to the most sophisticated solutions, available on capital markets.
Discretion and prompt execution are the hallmarks of our service, delivered by a streamlined unit of skilled bankers noted for their keen team spirit and strong sense of corporate identity, whose actions are always based on the highest ethical values and principles.

Mediobanca recruits outstanding graduates throughout the year.
We are mainly interested in people with first-class degrees, high marks and a regular study pattern, to work in the various areas at the Bank as the need arises.

Graduates looking for a career with Mediobanca must have solid technical abilities as well as excellent interpersonal skills.

The work load is intense, as are the individual responsibilities assigned. Everyone can feel part of the value creation within the Bank, as professional figures of different levels often work closely together.

A strong disposition towards teamwork is therefore essential. With its branch offices in Frankfurt, London, Madrid and Paris, Mediobanca is experiencing strong international growth: staff who work for us must be ready to face the challenges this entail.

SettoreAssicurativo - Bancario - Finanziario
Lauree PreferiteEconomia Finanza, Economia Aziendale, Economia Bancaria, Economia e Commercio, Ingegneria Gestionale, Legale Giurisprudenza, Scientifica Matematica
Area GeograficaLombardia
Area di inserimentoAmministrazione e Finanza