Internship - IT & Digital Solutions

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The profile we are looking for is a young and dynamic Computer Science or Software Engineering graduate, who’s interested in working with technologies within the cloud computing and automation space. The profile will work within the Digital Innovation department, leading the development of new products using the latest and cutting edge cloud services, specifically the ones within the AWS platform.
Digital Innovation and Cloud Evolution are two of the mai focuses of Pirelli Digital group. Our mandate is to explore new technologies within the Cloud universe. We test new technologies, identify possible use cases, and help to improve the way we develop new products. Since we’re embedded within the digital department, all of our explorations and findings are based directly on real-world scenarios.

- Develop, maintain and evolve solutions on cloud
- Support digital products team along the development process
- Backup developers with smart automation techniques and DevOps practices
- Guarantee all developments on cloud space are compliant with rules and standards decided within the cloud governance
- Explore new technological solutions and find possible use cases to be applied within Pirelli domain
- Keep the department up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, and technologies
- Set design guidelines, best practices and standards of digital products deliverables
- Perform demonstrations for client stakeholders on project features and sub features, which utilizes Digital solutions.
- Discuss designs and key milestones deliverables.
- Perform research, evaluate and understand users’ feedbacks.
- Document all solutions with well formatted information.

- Ms degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
- Basic knowledge of cloud computing concepts.
- Desired basic knowledge of Cloud Computing Platforms ((Preferred)AWS, (Desired) GCP, Azure, Alibaba, IBM Cloud).
- Able to learn in a proactive and independent way.
- Presentational skills and team player abilities.
- Problem-solving skills with creative approach.